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After 23 years, Old World Aviaries is closing its doors. We do not anticipate having any more baby parrots.


Welcome to Old World Aviaries located in Austin, Texas. We specialize in old-world psittacines, which are native to Africa and Australasia. These include Eclectus Parrots (Solomon Island, Vosmaer's, Red-sided, & Grand), Timneh African Greys, Poicephalus (Cape, Jardine's, Meyer's, & Senegal Parrots), Greater and Lesser Vasa Parrots, and Umbrella, Citron-crested, and Rose-breasted Cockatoos (Galahs). We also breed a few new-world birds including Red-fronted Macaws and Caiques.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site. We would like to acquaint you with our aviary and babies. And, we hope to provide valuable information to both companion-bird owners and aviculturists. Check back often. We will be posting new information regularly.

Please note that we are going wireless, and our phone number has changed. Our new number is 512-364-3470. This is the correct number if you need to contact me, but we have no available babies or youngsters.

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Parrot Talk seal of approval.

No sales of unweaned babies to pet owners.
Babies are weaned to a varied, pellet-based diet.
The health of babies is guaranteed.
Babies are fully fledged before the wing flights are trimmed.

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