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Baby Congo Grey

Linda and I are often asked how our lives came to be dominated by parrots. In truth, it was too many margaritas one night at El Rancho, a legendary TexMex restaurant here in Austin. I had been perusing the local classified ads earlier that day. We went to see our first parrot, an African Grey baby, after dinner. No way was I leaving without that bird. Little did we know the portents of this event.

About a year later, in January, 1994, we bought our first pair of birds, Red-hot Mama and Stud Muffin, the Red-sided Eclectus. Now, we have a backyard full of birds and a new building that houses my office, the nursery, and the food-preparation area.

We are aviculturists because we love parrots. (Three Greys sleep on the headboard of our bed.) There is no other reason to do this. Breeding parrots is one of the most restrictive and demanding yet rewarding occupations on earth. It is extremely difficult to get away even for a day. Adults and babies have to be fed. Yet, it is extremely rewarding to visit the pairs every day and watch babies mature.

We do our best to provide good environments for our birds. Our aviary is accredited by the Model Aviculture Program (MAP). MAP accreditation requires meeting a stringent set of standards for aviary construction and avicultural practices. Our flights and nursery are first-rate by any standard. Our babies are pampered and loved.

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