One of our baby Eclectus
Young, female, Vosmaer's Eclectus

"My life has reached the stage where most people sit and reflect on times gone by. My life is filled with wonder and excitement as to what each new day will bring. Life with companion birds is a rebirth for the soul and mind and heart of each person fortunate enough to share their lives with these small, wondrous, feathered gifts."—Sandra Hopkins 2003

The birds we breed

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Our position on selling unweaned babies

Conditions of sale

Our weaning diet

Baby photos

What our customers say

Recommended veterinarians

Recommended reading:

"Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot" by Mattie Sue Athan.

"Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior" by Mattie Sue Athan.

"Parrots" by Mattie Sue Athan.

Eclectus Parrots

Your new Eclectus Parrot, Linda & Scott Lewis

Introducing an Eclectus into a new home, Laurella Desborough

A brief introduction to Eclectus Parrots—Part 1: Classification, Scott Lewis

Vosmaer's Eclectus baby hatch sequence, Scott Lewis

The Smuggler's Tree, Dale Thompson

Toe Tapping from the Combined Perspectives of an Eclectus Owner and an Avian Veterinarian, Laurella Desborough & Brian L. Speer


Recommended e-mail list: The Eclectus Pet Owners Group at Yahoo Groups

Recommended reading: "Eclectus Parrots" by Katy McElroy.

Poicephalus Parrots (Meyer's, Senegals, Red Bellies, Brown Heads, Jardines, Capes)

Cape Parrots, Scott Lewis

Cape Parrot FAQ, Scott Lewis (on the African Parrot Society site)

My favorite Poicephalus, Jean (the African Queen) Pattison

Cape Parrot Talking Ability, Scott Lewis

Genus Poicephalus—New taxonomic insights, Mike Perrin & Scott Lewis

Breeding Poicephalus, Jean, the African Queen, Pattison

Cape photos

A lap bird and a laugh bird, Carol Spencer (a Jardine and a Brown-necked Cape)

Sassy the Senegal, Gayla McGill

Cape Parrot News Letter, November 2006

Cape Parrot News Letter, February 2007

Cape Parrot News Letter, April 2007

Cape Parrot News Letter, June 2007

Cape Parrot News Letter, August 2007

Cape Parrot News Letter, January 2008

Cape Parrot News Letter, April 2008

Cape Parrot News Letter, February 2009

Cape Parrot News Letter, February 2010

Cape Parrot News Letter, October 2010

Cape Parrot News Letter, February 2011

Recommended reading: "Guide to the Senegal Parrot and its Family" M.S. Athan & D. Deter.

African Grey Parrots

Timneh Grey talking ability, Scott Lewis,

What kind of Grey do I have, Jean Pattison.


Recommended reading:

"For the Love of Greys" Bobbi Brinker.

"The African Grey Parrot Handbook" M.S. Athan & D. Deter.

Vasa Parrots

The Greater Vasa Parrot, Scott Lewis


Hawk-headed Parrots (Please note that we no longer breed Hawk Heads.)

Hawk-headed Parrots, Scott Lewis

In Praise of the Hawk-headed Parrot, Dennis Saydak


Recommended e-mail list: Hawkheads at Yahoo Groups.


Socializing your new Umbrella Cockatoo baby, Brinker, Athan, & Lewis

Eastern Slender-billed Corellas, Scott Lewis

Galah talking ability, Scott Lewis

Elmo helps those in need, Scott Lewis & Karl Jobst

Clyde's story--flying with an Umbrella

Our birds on the Web

Thor (Cape Parrot), the best Cape site on the web
Tori (Cape Parrot)
Shalom's photo album (Citron-crested Cockatoo)
Opie (Cape Parrot)
Dobby (Senegal Parrot)

Articles by Dr. Darrel K. Styles, DVM

A brief review of avian genetics

Preparing the collection for breeding

The truth about E. coli

Psittacosis: The enigmatic disease

Teflontm poisoning: The silent killer

Selecting a pet bird

What is sick-bird syndrome?

Antimicrobials commonly used in avian medicine—Part 1: Overview

Antimicrobials commonly used in avian medicine—Part 2: Antibacterials

Antimicrobials commonly used in avian medicine—Part 3: Antiviral drugs

Antimicrobials commonly used in avian medicine—Part 4: Antifungals, anthelmintics, and antiprotozoals

Too much of a good thing

Species and speciation

Standard avian screening procedures for introduction into the aviary

Hemochromatosis: A metabolic disease of softbills

Additional articles by avian vets

Statement on bird flu paranoia, Susan Clubb

Avian Gastric Yeast (aka Megabacteria): Should You Be Worried?, David Phalen

Preventative health management services for pet birds, Scott Echols

Pathology of Birds—An Overview, Shivaprasad, H.L.

Current concepts on psittacine beak and feather diesease and avian polyomavivus, Bob Dahlhausen & C. Steven Radabaugh

West Nile virus infections in psittacine birds and preliminary findings on vaccination, Susan L. Clubb

Diagnosis and Treatment of Megabacteriosis in Birds, David N. Phalen

Investigations into the Etiologic Agent of Internal Papillomatosis of Parrots..., Phalen, Homco, Graham, & Jaeger

Resolution of Clinical Proventricular Dilatation Disease by Cycloogenase 2 Inhibition, Dahlhausen, Aldred, & Colaizzi

Antioxidants and preservatives, Blake Hawley

Toxicoses in birds, Blake Hawley

The Complete Blood Count, Scott McDonald

Vaccination to Control Polyomavirus in Budgerigars, Branson Ritchie

The Scoop on Poop, Jackie Frederickson

How Birds Breathe, Jackie Frederickson,

Avian Polyomavirus: My Thoughts, David N. Phalen

Miscellaneous articles and publicatons

The Bird Owner's Manual, Emily Strong (some information is specific to Austin, TX)

The SPCA and Pinellas County Florida, Jean Pattison

Tips for recovering missing birds, Jean Pattison & Scott Lewis

Breeding Indian Ringnecks, Joyce Baum

A parrot's bill of rights, Stewert Metz, M.D.

The ten commandements of parrot ownership, Jane Hallander

My experience with psittacine beak and feather disease, Jean Pattison

Bird marts—The single greatest threat to avian health in the new millennium, Ernie Colaizzi

Things to consider BEFORE buying your first bird, John Stuedle

Where's the crime?, Anonymous

In quest of the Tres Maria, Cecil Perkins

A Loving Lie, Cecil Perkins

African Grey matter, Gary Popp


Recommended reading: "The Healthy Bird Cookbook" by Katy McElroy.

Amazing Amazon birdie bread

Weaning food

Emily’s high-protein cornbread mix

More cornbread

Three bread recipes

David Okura’s Cockatiel Bread

Tasty muffins

Bob Shelton’s Eclectus diet

Canary cornbread & Softbill diet

Fruit and vegetable treats

Articles on finches by Fenton Mereness

Note: We do not breed finches. However, to our knowledge, these articles by Fenton are not generally available, and we think they are good articles.

Neochmia ruficauda -- Star finch

General care

Lonchura striata

Gouldian head colors

The role of nutrition and environment in a successful breeding program

Poephila guttata or Poephila castanotis, Zebra Finch

Poephila acuticauda, Longtailed Grassfinch or Shafttail

Chloebia gouldiae,The Gouldian Finch

Fostering as an aid

Miscellaneous musings by your host

Thoughts on psittacine diets

Lessons learned

Backyard birds. A list of birds observed in our backyard

From the editor, April 1996

Avian rarities—the Gang Gang Cockatoo

Another lesson learned

The Palm Cockatoo

About bands


Don't step on the ducks

From the Dog

The Chicken Ranch

Top 12 reasons for owning a bird

Birdie bill of rights

Bad birds

How to stuff your parrot for the holidays

How to give your bird oral antibiotics, Garry J. Wallan

Disease transfer to humans, Garry J. Wallan.

Apparently the Parrot, Garry J. Wallan

A duck waddles into a grocery store...

Put the bird in the sack...

You know you're a bird person when...

It’s a Bird’s Life

I frequently hear complaints...

Two guys are on the top of a cliff...

How they drive us nuts

A man and his wife walk into a pet store...

The praying parrot

The plumber

The cat scan

A man is stopped by police for driving a van full of penguins

The parrot that spoke Yiddish


A Parrot's Christmas

A Bird Breeder's Christmas, Gayle Soucek


Lend me a bird

Is this heaven?

An Amazon story, Author unknown

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