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Cape Parrot (Poicephalus fuscicollis) photos

As a result of recent taxonomic revisions, the birds below are more properly called Brown-necked Parrots (P.f. fuscicollis) and Grey-headed parrots (P.f. suahelicus). The parrot that is now officially the Cape Parrot, P. robustus, is not present in U.S. aviculture. For more information, see the article Genus Poicephalus—New taxonomic insights.

Juvenile P.f. suahelicus male
Mature P.f. fusciollis male
P.f. fuscicollis babies
P.f. suahelcus babies
More P.f. suahelicus babies
P.f. fuscicolis baby
Young P.f. fuscicollis babies
Mature P.f. fuscicolis hen
The same mature P.f. fuscicolis hen


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