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Clyde's story
Thinking of flying with your bird?

(Editor's note: Clyde is an Umbrella Cockatoo owned by Karen Lynn. Recently, Karen flew to Philadelphia to pick up Clyde and return him to his new home in Oklahoma. Here is Karen's summary of the trip.)

Okay, here's the poop, and I mean that literally! I recently took a trip with Clyde. They made me put him under the seat for takeoff, and

he ate out in about 10 minutes. I got up to move to two empty seats in the very back so I could put him in the seat next to me and keep him occupied. I didn't know he had chewed out already. He got loose in the plane and landed in a guy's lap. I grabbed him, and he did the biggest poop on the guy that you have ever seen! The guy was a really good sport about it (he was wearing an OU sweatshirt) and said, "Well, I guess he's not an OU fan!" Once I got him back into the carrier, I was so shook up at what could've happened—he could've been hurt or badly bitten somebody—I was in a hard shake. He made a pretty good slice of my thumb, but he wasn't hurt. The whole thing was totally my fault. I thought I had prepared well for a Cockatoo on a plane, but I have decided that you have to experience a Cockatoo in order to be prepared.

Anyway, Clyde didn't seem too upset, and once we reached Oklahoma City, I waited until everybody else left the plane before I got my overhead carry-on and started off. Both pilots came back to help, were laughing like crazy, and wanted to see Clyde. Clyde just started showing off like nothing had happened. The pilots were soooooooo cool about it. One of them said, "I thought we got a burst of power along the way." They made me feel much better. Thank God no harm was done.

I have learned that I must not take my eye off Clyde. He, of course, thinks he was very clever. I will do better in the future and really am above average in intelligence. It's funny now, but it took me a good while to recover. I just try not to think about what could've happened to him.

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