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Cape Parrot talking ability

by Scott Lewis

We are often asked about Cape Parrot talking ability. They can be excellent talkers. Tori, shown at right, is a 4-year-old male Cape Parrot from our aviary owned by Carol Spencer. Here is what he says according to Carol and her comments about Tori.

Hi/Hello/Hello Tori/Tori/Hi baby
Is it Time?/It's Time! (for an almond treat - said near the appropriate time every day.)
Want to come out?
Time to go in.
Riki Rickle! (Bariki, the companion Jardine's nickname)
What's a duck say?
Quack, quack, quack.
Human laugh.
Human cough, sneeze, nose blow.
What's that?
Tori bird (sung)
Give me a kiss?
Kissy noise.
I love you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey (What I say when there is a scuffle between birds that needs breaking up. Tori generally says it when he is thinking about causing some mischief.)
Wheeeeee! (said at appropriate acrobatic times)
Whatcha doing?
Beep. (says the word "beep")
Chirp. (says the word "chirp")
Tickle tickle.
Water sound (gurgle). (when he is thirsty)
Assorted whistles he picked up from a Timneh Grey we birdsat once … charge, wolf whistle
"Squeeeeeze!" (when he is picked up by the body)
"What?!" (in a "why are you objecting to what I am doing" tone)
Meow. (imitates me imitating the cat)
Hums along with some music.

I'd call him a good talker. I guess the total number of words isn't all that many (he's probably limited because my husband and I are pretty quiet), but he uses them appropriately, and his timing and tone are that of a natural comedian.

Sometimes he will repeat a phrase immediately after a person says it, then never again. I've heard him say "He may be right" and "I'm in distress" in that kind of circumstance.

Likoli is a young, female Cape owned by Karen Wingrove. Here is what Karen reports.

Lilikoi's talking skills are improving daily. She cocks her head and listens, but she picks up words just from hearing them repeated in day-to-day communication. I consider her my smartest bird. She understands quickly and responds quickly, and manages to manipulate her environment to her own desires.

Phrases and words to date:

I love you.
Wanna nut? Mommy wanna nut? Lili wanna nut.
Smokey? Smokey, meeow.
Mommy go bye-bye. (the first time she said this I was getting ready for a week long trip to New Mexico)
Lili go bye-bye. (to convince me to take her?)
Lililililililili !
Agatha, no!
Hey, baby!
U h-oh. (something dropped, even if she did it on purpose)
Uh-oh, poopie. (at the right time)
Peek-a-boo (while in a towel after a shower)
Bop! bopbop!
Bronx cheer when I hold her on her back and rub her tummy. "Brrrrtttttt!"

She loves to put her head in her food bowl and say her repertoire. It cracks me up...But pretty much anything this little girl does makes me laugh.

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