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by Scott Lewis Cereopsis geese

Geese. I donít know anything about them. If you do, I would appreciate a call. The next enhancement to our security system will be a pair of Cape Barren's (Cereopsis) geese from Australia. As I understand it, Cereopsis are the meanest of the geese, and the gander of this pair is especially mean. I need someone to teach me how to catch this guy so we can go into our back yard during the day. However, I have been told by one waterfowl breeder that I donít need to worry about my catching the gander so much as the gander catching me.

Coitus interruptus

So. We walk in from the last bird-club meeting and the door of one of our pairs of Timnehs is standing wide open. Look everywhere. No birds. Finally open the inspection door of the nest box. Bird is next to the door still as a rock. My God! Dead bird. Touch the bird and it is warm but not moving. Maybe there is time to save it. Start to pick the bird up. Bird gives an indignant sqwak and stalks off. Immediately underneath is a second bird who also gives an indignant sqwak and stalks off. Sigh! I hope their next clutch isnít infertile.


The other night Linda and I were watching TV. Suddenly, Two-ee our Umbrella started doing his imitation of a foghorn. Maybe something is wrong. Letís go check. Walk in to Two-eeís room. No problems. Go back to the TV. Foghorn again. Check again. No problems. Foghorn. Check again. Aha! A killer moth is circling the light. Get rid of the moth. No more foghorn. All is well.

Geeze, cockatoos are weird. We have been letting our cats in at night to combat a mouse problem. These cats would love to eat Two-ee. Two-ee could care less. But a moth. Oh my God a moth! HELP! HELP!

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