Old World Aviaries

Another lesson learned—almost the hard way

by Scott Lewis

Earlier this summer we converted a small spare bedroom into our nursery. About three weeks before we started the remodeling, Red-hot Mamma and Stud Muffin, one of our pairs of Red-sided Eclectus, blessed us with a little girl.

We put off pulling the chick until the nursery was finished. By this time, she had lots of feathers. I had noticed that the chick had acted a little lethargic for a couple of days before we pulled her, but she appeared healthy and well-fed, so I didn’t pay much attention. When we put the chick in the brooder it became apparent that she was in trouble. On the advice of our friend, the expert, we suspected dehydration. We gave frequent watery feedings for a couple of days. The first day she went from 325g to 356g, obviously as a result of rehydration. After several days, she became a normal active chick. But, I don’t know if she would have made it had we waited another day to pull her.

We use large metal nest boxes lined with plywood for insulation. This particular box was in full shade. But, it was just too damned hot in July in Austin to have a chick that was approaching being fully feathered in the nest box.

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