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We have a good reputation and many happy customers. Here are a few quotes.

I just wanted to say thank you and give you an update on DaVinci the Red-bellied Parrot we got from you last week. In the 8 days he has been with us not only is he proving to be well socialized, he never ceases to surprise us with his intelligence. He entertains us with his constant antics with his toys and his acrobatic stunts such as climbing the inside corners of his cage backwards, hanging upside down and playing with his toys. He surprised my wife with a “good night” at bedtime of his 8th day with us. He has already learned to wave and turn a 360 on his perch on command.
Thank you for a healthy and well-socialized companion.

Thomas Mead, Red-bellied Parrot.

Scarlett and Isabella.

Hi Scott, She Rocks! I don't own a parrot, the parrot owns me. She's the boss around here. Incredible how intelligent they can be. The latest was her splashing water at me when I'm on my computer from her drinking bowl. I thought it was just her bathing. I sat on my couch the other day and I was watching her and she started splashing water at me at my new location. She has great aim and accomplished her goal at getting my attention. My brother who usually doesn't like animals much visits just to see her. He keeps trying to convince me to let him have her. He refers to her as a monkey with wings. He is totally in love with her, and she likes him too, but not as much as she like me...lol.

Richard Beato, Senegal Parrot


I am a board-certified avian veterinarian in Durham, NC. I operate a veterinary specialty in addition to a bird store called The Birdie Boutique and a pet bird supplies distribution company known as Diamond Avian Distributors. I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I examined a Red-bellied Parrot today that came from your aviary. The owners have had the bird only a few weeks. First let me say they are taking excellent care of him. Second, and the main reason I am contacting you, is to tell you how impressed I was with this little bird. I am not easily impressed because of the standards I have for raising parrots. I see them all day every day from horrible breeders that know nothing of parrot care. You, on the other hand, are feeding an excellent diet. The bird had some social skills, was easy to handle, and not skittish. What struck me most was the condition of his feathers; they were perfect, no stress bars, no broken feathers, and clean. And even more importantly was the wing feather clipping technique; it looked as if I had done it myself! Great Job! I am going on because I am not accustomed to seeing such good practices from aviaries.

Dr. B. Greg Burkett, DVM, Board Certified Avian Veterinarian

Fergie and an awfully cute dog.
We just wanted to send you an update on Fergie, the beautiful female cockatoo we got from you in September (I think).  She is doing wonderful!  She gets along (obviously) with the dogs.  She has both of my pomeranians trained.  She enjoys sleeping on their furry tails!

Lori Houck, Umbrella Cockatoo.

My husband and I are so happy with our new baby words can't begin to describe it. We purchased a baby umbrella (female), and she is a true living doll. She's a cuddle bug and so so loving. She is talking now. It is still a little rough, but she gets better everyday. I thank you for giving her the best start in life to be such a sweetie. THANK YOU ......

Sidney is her name and she knows it well. She loves our daughter and calls her name every morning... "Get up Scottie". "hey Sweetie" and "I love you." "Whatcha doin'" is her favorite thing to say while she rides the vacuum cleaner.... Again Thank You.

Shannon, Umbrella Cockatoo

Just an update on "Mocha" the brown head female I purchased from you a few months ago.

She's just talking up a storm these days....mimmicking nearly everything she hears repeated daily within earshot. The first thing she ever said was her name, "Mocha"....nearly three months after she arrived. Now, she says, "Mocha-Mocha" "Chiquita" (which is the name of a little green rump parrotlet I have), "Step up" and "Jo-jo" (the name of my blue visual parrotlet). She even knows how to open up the door to her cage -- so, I secure it shut for her safety. SHE LOVES red delicious apples!

And even though, she was pretty "ragged-looking" during her first moult.....she's back to looking nice and pretty again. She just LOVES to hang-out on my shoulder and go wherever I go -- around the house. (I don't go in the kitchen with her -- at least, when anything is cooking.)

All for now....needless to say, she (and we) are "happy campers!"

Thanks for contributing to her gentleness and health,

Evie, Brown-headed Parrot.

Hi Scott and Linda! Hope you survived the holidays well. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know again how happy I am with the female HH I purchased from you. (I named her Elphaba, but she has a variety of other nicknames.) What an absolute sweetheart! She has adjusted so well into my home, and has stolen my heart. She is the light of my life! I can't thank you enough for raising such a sweet, funny, intelligent little gal. What a doll!

Lindsay, Hawk-headed Parrot

Dear Scott,
Because you took the time to help me get ready for my new and first parrot ever, sometimes telling me when I was worrying too much, (which pragmatic advice I needed to hear) and often taking time out of your very busy life to advise and help; because of the way you treated me, and your babies, I am having the time of my life.

This young Senegal came to me healthy, curious, and willing to be touched and loved on from the moment she came home. It is now just a few weeks since she has arrived, and she has already became an integral part of my life. She taught me her routine immediately, and in the mornings I make her breakfast while she watches from a perch close by, we sit down at the table together and eat, she chuckles to herself and then takes a morning bath on her own, a shallow water dish where she drenches herself and me somewhat equally. There is not a toy she doesn't adore, not a food she isn't' interested in, (except jalapenos) and she seems to be fearless and loving to anyone who approaches her. Just in the last few days she has started to dip her head showing clearly when she wants to be touched, which is all the time and suddenly she is amazingly adept at using her feet, which never ceases to amaze and entertain me. After a recent divorce, and the loss of my dog, who would have thought a little gal like Stella-May could have me nearly bursting with laughter daily and never feeling alone?

Your Senegal is a gift and a blessing that I will always care for, admire and cherish.
Thanks for all that you do.

Hannah, Senegal Parrot.

I am very happy with my bird, Kivuli. He is a sweet, well natured bird (even his vet commented on this) and I give most of the credit to Scott
for how he handled him through weaning. Kivuli is healthy, friendly, and usually well behaved.

I live in Austin and Scott let me come by once or twice a week to get familiar with the two Timnehs he had weaning at the time. He was patient explaining anything I was concerned about and in general was knowledgeable and laid back. I highly recommend Old World Aviaries and their birds.

I hope you get a great bird no matter where you go, and am sure if you choose to get one from Scott that you certainly will.

Lewis, Timneh Grey.

I am glad Scott gave our name as a reference!! Cannot say enough good things! Have not had even a little gripe about anything!!! We got out first CAG from you and our Bart has turned out to be MUCH more than he said about any bird, I really think (little cage blindness here?) than any bird he has had or sold.

Our Bartoc Jones is a character and must have a vocabulary of 200 words and phrases. Just more fun than can be imagined! We have had a couple of other birds, not Scott's aviary nor Greys. Scott and Linda, the care and genuine liking they have for all their birds just has to be the difference.

Bart was originally my husband's bird ( Bart's choice!!!) but has come to like me and we talk and play now after 3 yrs.

Our little Timneh from Scott's is 7-8 mos now and is a sweety. More gentle than Bart, a mind of his own, sweeter minded and the cutest little expression you can ever see. Got Corky mostly for me --- but for now like Bart was/is mostly still husband's bird ALSO. He says a few little soft words, plays in his cage a lot and is a pretty little one about half the size of a CAG which is just what Scott said. He is a social little one and would love to make up with Bart but as yet Bart is not too congenially sharing with Corky where we are concerned, spoiled?????

So - neither husband, Sonny , nor I, can recommend Scott and Old World highly enough. He is always helpful ( and knows ) about anything we have ever asked.
Was so patient in helping us as we had never had a larger bird before,(just 2-3 Parakeets ) has a down to earth approach with his birds. Did enjoy seeing their aviary and all their birds.

Sonny & Dusty, Congo and Timneh Greys.

I would be glad to tell you about my experience with Old World Aviaries...I am disabled and low income and I asked Scott if I could pay monthly till I get the girl TAG paid for...no problem. I had a friend pick up the little lady from Scott and he fell in love with her before he delivered her to me.

Bought a year old TAG and thought that there would be a long period for the bird to bond and accept me...did not have a problem. She was cooing and letting my friend pet her and she would stay on his shoulder. She has tried to be friendly with my 9 year old TAG male that was caught in the wild, but he won't have anything to do with her yet. The male can take all the time he needs to adjust to her, as she is the friendliest bird that I have ever seen.

I would recommend OWA to everyone who is looking for a hand-raised bird, cause they sold me a well adjusted beautiful bird.

Sam, Timneh Grey.

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the little eclectus I bought from you last month is doing.  I got her exactly one month ago yesterday, and she is doing really well!  She was afraid of everything and everyone at first, but has slowly been growing accustomed to her life here.  She takes treats from my hands now, and steps up when she's anywhere but inside her cage.  She's used to my dog and the other eclectus I adopted, the camera, the vacuum cleaner, the spray bottle, and has started to explore the playgyms on her own now.  She *loves* her toys, swing, and boing, and is fearless with new toys.  I constantly have to make her new foraging toys because she attacks them with gusto!  She's very active and does her own flapping exercises, and will come to me when I call her.  She's also starting to talk now.  She makes a lot of cute little noises and nonsense babble, but she said a very clear "hello" for the first time on Monday.  It helps that the male eclectus that I adopted is 11 years old and has an extensive vocabulary, because I hear her trying to imitate him a lot.

Anyway, thanks for doing such a good job with her.  She's in beautiful health, eats all kinds of foods, and is curious and unafraid of trying new things.  That's all a credit to a good start in life, despite the pain of losing those toes!

Emily, Aru Eclectus female (missing two toes to constricted toe syndrome)

Just wanted to let you know that our visit with Dr. Vice was great. He of course weighed Buster, and looked him over. First question was is he fully weaned. When I said yes, he responded with a very firm good. Asked where I got him from, and seemed pleased when I said Scott Lewis owner of Old World Aviaries. He said he's heard nothing but good about you. He asked what my goal was for this visit. I told him I just wanted to establish Buster with a vet before he needed one, and that you recommended him. He said he was glad getting a vet was my goal. That if requested he would perform all kinds of tests on him, but felt that would be a waste of time and money, not to mention stress on the bird. He said he could see that Buster is a healthy bird, his feathers are in good condition, weight was good (his scale showed 314), and he saw no reason to do anything other then give me a few handouts. The girls in the office couldn't get over how sweet Buster is. I told them where they could get one just as sweet. Dr. Vice and I talked about emergencies and how he could be reached.

Audrey, Galah.

Just a short note to up-date you on the Timneh we purchased back in July 99. What a great bird!!! He(She) has become a member of the family (We also have a Quaker) and a real talker. The bird is about nine months old now and is beginning to form words and sentences. He has a great personality and loves to have his head scratched.

Thanks again for such a well socialized baby and best of luck in the future.

Bob, Timneh Grey.

Hi. This is a update on Elmo, our cockatoo we got from you. He is Great! He is the KING of Pet therapy at a long term health facility where I work at. He seems to know just when to peform or cuddle up to someone. He bring alot of joy and pleasure to people. He is amazing and I feel it is a great credit to you in your breeding and raising of you birds thank you very much!

Lisa, Umbrella Cockatoo that does pet therapy

Our "Squealy" is doing great and waiting for a boyfriend from you!!!! lol . She is the joy of our life and she has really grown.

Laura, Cape Parrot.

Scott: Just thought you'd like to know that the Senegal baby (Austin, for obvious reasons) is really doing well. He's such a nice bird (pre-terrible twos) and we're trying not to spoil him. He took his first bath today and he loves climbing around in the "tree" on our screened-in front porch. He's becoming gymnastic already. The other birds give him plenty of room (except for the parrotlets who are afraid of nothing except the sound the broom makes). He eats like a pig. Everything seems to taste good, even the Roudybush. Thanks again for the wonderful pet. Curt

Curt, Senegal Parrot.

Hey Scott!

I wanted to say hi and give you a little update on our birdie! I decided to name her Bella instead of Keyka (she likes Bella better) We are really starting to see her real personality in the last 2 weeks, she is talking like crazy and becoming a VERY good talker. When I am in the kitchen making her breakfast in the morning she says “what are you doing”  along with many other words and sentences she has picked up since she has been here.

She is so funny and makes me laugh on a daily basis. I call her Jeana’s bratty Red Belly because she has such a huge attitude! She is just a little brat, that’s part of the reason I wanted a Red Bellied Parrot I guess. I just love their personalities.

She loves to play and wants to be with me constantly, I LOVE her so much I can even put it in words. I have had a few birds before her, a cockatiel and a parakeet but I have never felt a stronger bond with a bird than I do with her, She is amazing.

Jeana, Red-Bellied Parrot

Duke is doing great. He has grown a lot and his enunciation and volume has gotten a lot better. He is very good most of the time and will let almost anyone hold him [once I pick him up first]. Duke is also quite the showoff, anytime someone he doesn't know comes over, he starts talking up a storm. Everyone who meets him loves him instantly! Things are also going well with me. I have a new girlfriend who is great [and she loves Duke].

Eric, Aru Eclectus male.

I just wanted to let you all know that Lola is doing great. She has started talking and says several things. She is more fun and we just love her. It is just about her birthday I think. Seems like she hatched in May sometime. I bring her to work a couple of days a week, and she has a cage there to call her second home. However, she is never in it at work. Everyone at work really likes her visits. Anyway, another success story. Thanks so much.

Jan, Vosmaer's Eclectus female.

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