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Timneh Grey talking ability

by Scott Lewis

We are often asked if Timneh African Greys have the same talking ability as Congo African Greys. Yes, they do. Nugget is a 2-year-old Timenh from our aviary owned by Jan Davis. Here is a list of his vocabulary and recordings of his speech.


Hi ho Silver.
I'm such a goood boy.
You want to look out the door?
Come on. Let's look out the door.
Aachoo ! Aachoo! goodness gracious!
Mommy's got to go to work. Be a good boy. Bye bye.
Michael ! Michael !
Are you cold ? Brrr it's cold.
Boo !! Ooh ! you scaired me.
I need a bath. I'm a dirty bird. Shooey.
Help me.
Come here .(whistle) come here.
What in the world are you doing?
Hi handsome.
I am so handsome.
That was excellent.
That was terrific.
Wooo! That was grrrreat!
Mommy loves Nugget.
What does the kitty say? Meow.
Who is Mommy's baby? ME ME ME ME.
Good job. That was fabulous.
Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho.
Ride 'em cowboy! Yee haw!!
Are you hungry?
You want a treat?
Mommy's got you a treat.
You want some oatmeal ? Mommy's got you some oatmeal.
Mommy's got you some clean water.
Watch your foot.
It's time to go to bed. Are you tired ? I'm tired . It's time to go to bed. Mommy's tired.
Hoochie Momma.
Who's yo daddy.
Oops. sorry.
That was fabulous.
Woo woo...choo choo choo choo.
Step back...no...no...step back. That's a good boy.
What are you doing ? You're making a mess.
Work work work.
Popcorn! You want some popcorn? Mmmm. Yea popcorn.
Call the dog...(then he whistles).
Hot dog.
Here, ki ki kitty.
Hi baby.
What what what what what.
That's okay.
Dad! Dad! J.L !!
Thank you .
You want to take a bath?
Boy, oh boy.
I'll get it.
Nugget is Mommy's precious boy.

Hear Nugget talk:

Wheel of Fortune (76KB)
Here we go... (270KB)
Hi Ho Silver (60KB)

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